Anand Singh


Web developer, Sysadmin, Tech consultant

Terminals are as powerful as those magical wands in Harry Potter!


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I like to develop applications for Web , Mobile and even your Fridge. Platforms are no boundaries.


Tops the list of the things I love! Please invite me to your data-center for a visit, would be awesome!


I do like to convert some of my coding and problem solving experiences into tutorials, I write at .

Open Source

On lazy weekends, I'm either making something open-source or contributing to the community.


A glimpse of what I do/did

The open and free WebSocket server for all. Ready to use WebSocket server for all your bi-direction data transmission usage.

Make your own video room to watch videos remotely with all your friends! Supports remote syncing, subtitles, audio & video chat, text chat room


A shared webhosting provider platfrom


An ongoing bash task-runner project for Linux and iOS that automates various software and server configurations.


A very simple bash function to read values from json files using Python's json module!

My weekly blog, I love writting what I learnt.

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Look, I blog


Sharing some learnings!

Hold on! Fetching them for you...

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